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What is Film Festival Circuit Inc.?

Film Festival Circuit, Inc. is a production company, based in Portland and Austin that produces film festival events in Oregon and Texas. Above all, our film festivals are theatrical screening events that showcase independent short films in theaters. Furthermore, we recognize films and screenplays with awards. The Houston Comedy Film Festival was our first event, founded 2009 by Mikel and Brooke Fair.

  1. Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Official Website
  2. Austin Micro Short Film Festival Official Website
  3. Houston Comedy Film Festival Official Website
  4. Oregon Short Film Festival Official Website
  5. Oregon Scream Week Official Website
  6. Oregon Documentary Film Festival Official Website
  7. Portland Comedy Film Festival Official Website
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Oregon Documentary Film Festival 2017: "Stu Steinberg" Film Cast and Crew

What is on the Film Festival Circuit schedule in 2018?

Film Festival Circuit has ten (13) different events planned for 2018.

  1. February 3, 2018: Oregon Short Film Festival
  2. February 15, 2018: Horror Film Thursdays #1
  3. February 16-17, 2018: Oregon Scream Week (Winter)
  4. March 22, 2018: Horror Film Thursdays #2
  5. March 24, 2018: Portland Comedy Film Festival
  6. April 12, 2018: Horror Film Thursdays #3
  7. April 14, 2018: Houston Comedy Film Festival
  8. April 15, 2018: Austin Comedy Short Film Festival
  9. May 25-26, 2018: Oregon Documentary Film Festival
  10. July 16, 2018: Austin Micro Short Film Festival
  11. September 16, 2018: Austin Comedy Short Film Festival (Fall)
  12. October 26-31, 2018: Oregon Scream Week (Fall)
  13. November 10, 2018: Portland Comedy Film Festival (Fall)
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Director Mikel Fair

Who runs all of these film festivals?

Mikel and Brooke Fair started the Houston Comedy Film Festival in 2009 to give filmmakers a place to screen their comedy films and target the independent film audience. Mikel Fair worked in production and post production in the film industry from 1999-2015 as a Freelance and Union Location Sound Mixer. Mikel also worked as a Field Producer and Production Manager in the Television industry from 2009-2015. Mikel and Brooke moved from Texas to Oregon in 2015 and are now producing film festival events full time under the name Film Festival Circuit Inc.

Portland Comedy Film Festival 2018 Day 4 Event 0565 WP

Oregon Short Film Festival | Avalon Theatre in Portland, Oregon

Why do you have so many events and how do you do it all?

It’s pretty simple, we love screening independent films in theaters for people that really appreciate independent filmmaking. We don’t produce these events by ourselves. We have over fifty judges in Texas and in Oregon that watch films and read screenplays all year around. Some judges prefer specific genres like comedy, documentaries or horror films. Others like to watch everything. We pay all of our judges a small portion of each submission fee collected. It’s kind of like binge watching Netflix or Hulu, but you you get paid to do it.

Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2017 Event Photos 11

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Lakeline in Austin, Texas

How many submissions do you get and do you really watch every movie?

Yes, we watch every film and read every screenplay. Decisions are not finalized until at least 12 different judges have rated every film. The following is an approximate number of submissions that we receive every year for films and screenplays total.

  • Austin Comedy Short Film Festival: 1000 per year (500 spring + 500 fall)
  • Austin Micro Short Film Festival: 1st year (no data)
  • Horror Film Thursdays: 1st year (no data)
  • Houston Comedy Film Festival: 500 per year
  • Oregon Short Film Festival: 500 per year
  • Oregon Scream Week: 250 per year
  • Oregon Documentary Film Festival: 250 per year
  • Portland Comedy Film Festival: 1000 per year

Oregon Documentary Film Festival Q&A Session

Do the same judges watch all of the movies?

No, all of the groups of judges are different. Only Alex Ziraldo, who lives in Houston, judges Austin and Houston comedy films. We frequently onboard new judges at film events, craigslist and sometimes former filmmakers that have enjoyed a past event, ask to be a part of the process. Sometimes judges will watch fifty (50) films and burn out. Other times, a judge will watch five hundred (500) movies and beg for more. All of the judging is done on a part-time basis. If you’re interested in becoming a judge, please contact us. One disclaimer of note, we do not allow judges to rate submissions, if their film or screenplay is in consideration for that particular festival. Every group of judges rates films very differently. We’ve had events in the past, where Houston and Austin screened thirty (30) films each, only two days apart, and there was only one (1) film that made it into both festivals. It’s pretty amazing how that works and we are blown away sometimes, by how each judge views each film differently. Austin, Houston and Portland, have very different taste in films. I should write a book about it.

Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Happy Hour for Filmmakers


Director From Australia

Thank you for putting on such a fun event. Great page you have created for my film, The Peacock, thanks! It was wonderful to be a part of your festival and a nice bonus to be nominated for best international director. I'm flattered that my film from Australia made such an impact with the judges and the Texas audience.

Darcie Irwin-Simpson Director/Actress

Do you have film festivals in Georgia too?

We helped the festival director, Elie Toussaint, start four film festivals in Atlanta, Georgia in 2016. We do not have a financial interest, do not judge and do not attend those events. We do talk frequently about best practices when it comes to film festivals in terms of marketing, venue, show preparation and the submissions process. Elie has been a family friend since 1998 and really works hard to screen the best films in Atlanta, you should check out his company at NineFilmFestivals.com

Filmmakers from New Zealand @ Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2017

Writer/Producer for Los Angeles

Thank you for that flipping awesome shout out on TWITTER about our film "Lunch Ladies!" Putting together all those photos - all that takes so much time - thank you for working so hard to promote Oregon Scream Week!

Clarissa Jacobson Writer/Producer of "Lunch Ladies"