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What Is The Austin After Dark Film Festival?

The Austin After Dark Film Festival is an annual event on the Film Festival Circuit that screens international independent films for a mature audience in Texas. This event was founded by author and retired filmmaker Mikel Fair who worked on location in the Film and Television industry from 1999-2015. Multiple short films are screened in a "back to back" format in HD 1080p at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema LakelineThe Austin After Dark Film Festival judges are searching for films with "dark" subject matter in multiple genres. Horror Films, Dark Comedy,  Dark Animation Films, Dark Drama and even Dark Science Fiction. This is the wrong festival to send your fun family G Rated films and screenplays too. The audience for this event wants a good variety of mature content that is not intended for viewers younger than 18. Enjoy a great slate of films on a massive theater screen with large cushioned chairs. You can order appetizers, meals, desert and a full bar menu from your seat and still get the full theater experience while you watch films. Austin is a great independent film town and this event is a lot of fun, as well as, a great opportunity to network with filmmakers, screenwriters, crew, actors and industry professionals at our Awards and Filmmaker's Networking Mixer event.

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Austin After Dark Film Festival On FilmFreeway

Austin After Dark Film Festival Submissions Are Now Open!

Do you have a film or screenplay that you are submitting to festivals, that contains content that may be more appropriate for a mature audience? Have you written a screenplay with a darker sense of humor, dramatic sequences, scary situations, evil villains, creepy concepts or dark futuristic science fiction? Our judges can't wait to watch your films and read your stories. Please read our Film Festival Judging Guides (LINK) if you'd like to understand our judging principles, as well as, how we rate and select films. We make the process as fair and objective as possible. No politics here, we're just looking for well produced, dark content to entertain our audience. You can submit to the Austin After Dark Film Festival via FilmFreeway. Have more questions about the rules and regulations for Austin After Dark Film Festival submissions? Please visit the Film Festival Circuit FAQ Frequently Asked Questions LINK

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Austin After Dark Film Festival List Of Submission Categories

  1. Action Film
  2. Animated Film
  3. Comedy Film
  4. Dark Comedy Film
  5. Drama Film
  6. Dark Drama Film
  7. Dark Science Fiction Film
  8. Documentary Film
  9. Experimental Film
  10. Experimental Music Video
  11. Fantasy Film
  12. Horror Film
  13. Horror Comedy Film
  14. Mockumentary Film
  15. Music Video
  16. Comedy Screenplay
  17. Dark Comedy Screenplay
  18. Drama Screenplay
  19. Dark Drama Screenplay
  20. Dark Science Fiction Screenplay
  21. Horror Screenplay
  22. Horror Comedy Screenplay

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Austin After Dark Film Festival List Of Award Categories

The official selections represent the top 25% of submissions rated by the judges on a scale of 1-10. From the pool of official selections, up to 5 finalists per Award Category are announced as 'finalists' and are eligible to win an award. In some cases, less than five finalists may be nominated for a specific category, if there weren't enough films or screenplays that finished in the top 25% of official selections in that specific category. For example, we may have 20 experimental music video submissions, but only 4 were rated in the top 25% of the official selections, therefore, only 4 award finalists are announced as finalists for the "Experimental Music Video" Award.

32 Award Categories For Films And Videos

  1. Best Action Film
  2. Best Action Micro Film
  3. Best Actor
  4. Best Actress
  5. Best Animated Film
  6. Best Cinematography
  7. Best Comedy Film
  8. Best Comedy Micro Film*
  9. Best Dark Comedy Film
  10. Best Dark Comedy Micro Film*
  11. Best Documentary Film
  12. Best Drama Film
  13. Best Drama Micro Film*
  14. Best Director
  15. Best Editing
  16. Best Ensemble Cast
  17. Best Experimental Film
  18. Best Horror Film
  19. Best Horror Micro Film
  20. Best Horror Comedy Film
  21. Best Horror Comedy Micro Film
  22. Best International Director
  23. Best International Micro Film*
  24. Best International Film
  25. Best Mockumentary Film
  26. Best Music Video
  27. Best Science Fiction Film
  28. Best Science Fiction Micro Film
  29. Best TV Episode
  30. Best Texas Film
  31. Best Texas Micro Film*
  32. Most Original Concept

The Austin After Dark Film Festival On FilmFreeway

20 Award Categories For Screenplays

  1. Best Comedy Feature Length Screenplay
  2. Best Comedy Short Screenplay**
  3. Best Dark Comedy Feature Length Screenplay
  4. Best Dark Comedy Short Screenplay**
  5. Best Drama Feature Length Screenplay
  6. Best Drama Short Screenplay**
  7. Best Dark Drama Feature Length Screenplay
  8. Best Dark Drama Short Screenplay**
  9. Best Horror Feature Screenplay
  10. Best Horror Short Screenplay**
  11. Best Horror Comedy Feature Length Screenplay
  12. Best Horror Comedy Short Screenplay**
  13. Best International Feature Length Screenplay
  14. Best International Short Screenplay**
  15. Best Science Fiction Feature Length Screenplay
  16. Best Science Fiction Short Screenplay**
  17. Best Texas Feature Length Screenplay
  18. Best Texas Short Screenplay**
  19. Best Comedy Series Full Length Episode
  20. Best Comedy Series Short Episode**

**40 pages or less

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Austin After Dark Film Festival Event List

Austin After Dark Film Festival 2019 Event

Films That Have Screened At The Austin After Dark Film Festival

Some of the filmmakers from our previous events, have since made their films public on YouTube and Vimeo. Check them out!






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