Baby Teeth, Written by Layla Merritt (United States) - Michael is a young, good-looking, ambitious, Black male who has everything going for him, except a full set of baby teeth. As a result of his defect, he is coddled by his mother, adored by strange child-bearing age women, emasculated by the guys at work, and the girl he likes doesn't take him seriously. He vows to make a change, and when he steps into the street a new man, he's unprepared for the learning curve he bites into. “Art is a reflection of life and the contentious aspects of life deserve examination, but writing about life's drags unfortunately requires thinking about them, so to shape the process of creating and experiencing uncomfortable ideas more pleasurably, I make it funny.”

Oregon Short Film Festival - Winter 2021 Official Selection

Reno Comedy Film Festival - Spring 2021 Official Selection

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