Bark, Directed by Laura Coleman and Anthony Penney (Florida) - A teenage biracial girl struggles to come to terms with her identity in a racially driven world. This film explores the notion of racial identity told from the perspective of a young girl. It shows her struggle to find herself in a world that sometimes sees race as "black" and "white". It shines a light on stereotypes that are based either on deep-seated racism and intolerance, or on ignorance and a lack of communication. Why Now?  I was born in Boston/Cambridge Massachusetts in 1968. A few days before Martin Luther King was shot and killed, just to give you the tone of the times.  Are things really much better? ​ Why BARK?  The title Bark came to me after an epiphany:  What is the the bark of a tree?  It's similar to it's skin.  The skin of a tree is different but essentially it's still a tree.  Just like us, our skin may be different but we all bleed red.

Oregon Short Film Festival - Winter 2021 Official Selection

Nevada Short Film Festival - Spring 2021 Official Selection


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