Braveo, Directed by Lorin Davis (California) - A young girl tries to be brave when her father disappears during a global pandemic. It was about two-and-a-half months into California's "safe-at-home" response to the global pandemic, and just days after the horrific death of George Floyd. My husband (an actor) and I were growing restless in "lockdown" in our tiny apartment but had no intentions of venturing out into the world yet when I saw our five-year-old daughter (getting WAY TOO MUCH screen time) sitting at the computer, wearing her unicorn headphones, chin in hands. She looked weary too. In that moment the story of Braveo came to me. I scribbled out some notes and asked my family if they'd be willing to be my actors in a short film. A couple of days later, after mapping it all out for myself, we shot it in an afternoon. It was all very "lo-fi": I used the only camera I had access to-my older Sony a7ii with a cheap 50mm portrait lens, and shot all hand-held. I used an old zoom recorder that I picked up ten years ago for the sound. When I began to edit I set a goal for myself to keep it at five minutes or less, not including credits. Creators gotta create, especially in times of trouble. I just needed to make something and I actually enjoyed being a one-(wo)man-band McGyver-ing the whole thing together. Thanks for watching.

Oregon Short Film Festival - Winter 2021 Official Selection

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