Broad Appeal S2E2 Next Stop Toronto, Directed by Cory Gibson (Canada) - At the Royal York Toronto, the Grand Dame of Canadian Hotels, our two Grand Dames of Canadian Comedy, Mary Walsh and Cathy Jones, in their beloved characters the Misses Enid and Eulalia, meet up with the Grand Dame of world literature, Nobel Prize winning author, Margaret Atwood, begging the question, can there be too many Grand Dames in one place? The answer to which is absolutely not, the more grand dames the better. 

The Misses E’s discuss, with Ms. Atwood, whether the world is ready for a brand new narrative, a brand new story, something outside the story of The Hero’s Journey, a story that is different than the one that is always told, the one that inevitably involves the wonderful big long hard thing, the sticks and the spears and the swords, all used to bash and poke and hit and dominate. Could there be another story to tell, the Misses E’s ask the Queen of Dystopian Fiction, a story that could include the 52% of the population who don’t have that wonderful big long hard thing.

Reno Comedy Film Festival - Spring 2021 Official Selection

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