Broken Window Theory, Directed by Cristian Trujillo García (Colombia) - A bad beginning makes a bad ending. The life of four people going to intertwine due to the robbery to a new mother. Her husband going to take justice into his own hands; their life will change roundly. A story that show the degradation of a broken society, and how selfishness guide personal decision to tragedy and death. There are situations that make us experiment, and observe a point where our character gets endured. The problems and issues are taken on different ways, not necessary the right ones. Although, looks like we have not been able to get away from our fragile human behaviour. The most difficulty part is to manage getting closer of doing the right thing. Nevertheless, this has not been enough to achieve a change in our society and relationships; where justice, ethic and truth are blurry and ambiguous nowadays. This is what drove me to find a story that makes an approach to human instincts, transformed into to the idea of “Broken Window Theory” project, involving relationships that are becoming breakable and inconsistent in the modern society; absorbing the best of us inside a selfish and cruel world, that make us face our weaknesses. In the other hand, make us approach our darkest side, and being there. Opening a window of light where standing up or disappearing are the options to take in order to have a change. Also, the story is broken into fragments, where you will find broken people inside intolerance and intense situations. Likewise, a narrative that connects the disunion between characters, underlining isolation. Finally, adopting that title and place it in singular way, makes a point that one broken window is all we need to start losing what we have not finished building yet and where theory is proven tangible.

Oregon Short Film Festival - Winter 2021 Official Selection

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