Carlitos, Directed by Emily Feng (Cuba) - A portrait of a young Cuban ballet dancer and how he balances school work, societal expectations, family, and dance. As someone who gave up on ballet only a few years in, I've always wondered how other kids developed such love for this beautiful but difficult and often painful art form. Upon arriving in Cuba, I learned about the term "machismo" and its effects in Cuba society. I wondered, how do boys at Cuban ballet schools feel about this? After connection after connection, with the kindness of the Cuban people who wanted to help me find my answer, I found my way to Carlitos, his dance tutor, and his family. This is a quiet, introspective film about Carlitos and his perspective on his life intertwined with dance. I hope the audience can feel the subtleties of his interactions with family, his voice and his dance.

Oregon Short Film Festival - Winter 2021 Official Selection

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