Carol Crawford, Directed by Brandon Haynes (New York) - A struggling young actress is cast in a film by a mysterious production company; as she prepares for her role the character's fictitious narrative starts to bleed into her reality. Imagine being apart of a 72-hour film challenge and on the last day when you're supposed to edit. Your editor suddenly drops out of it. Well, that’s Carol Crawford a film made on the backs of favors with no budget. We as the audience normally see the end product of performance but not what an actor goes through to get there. We hear stories about how it happened, how the opportunity presented itself but what if we could observe the process? In Carol Crawford, we explore this idea and take it to step further and provide the “what if?” of what happens when it goes too far. Being on set primarily as a cinematographer I have always been curious about the actor process in what they do to get into character. A DP looking through a viewfinder on set and watching the story unfold as the actor gives up being vulnerable is an indescribable experience. When the script for Carol Crawford came my way I felt it was the perfect opportunity to explore this avenue and stretch my directing muscle.

Oregon Short Film Festival - Winter 2021 Official Selection


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