Caught, Directed by Kai Sitter (Germany) - A young student feels lonely - in Passau, Lower Bavaria: the Wild West of Bavaria. After a night full of surprises he takes a wild animal home with him, to impress a young woman. Soon his apartment is turning into a jungle. Where will it end? Moving from Munich to Passau to live there gave me some sort of culture shock a year ago. Niederbayern, „Lower Bavaria“, became my wild west of Bavaria, and I just had to make a film there to come to terms with my feelings. Every viewer of this film will find their own message. The wild beast as a metaphor can express the longing to be someone else, perhaps the contrary of what your are. It is possible, however, that your hopes will not come true. For me this film has two special features. The first is a technical one. Part of the scenes were shot by means of a Smartphone, to illustrate the insecurity of the young ‚hero‘ who is still on the move, looking for someone or something to settle down for. The second point is that we developed scenes and dialogues together with our actress and actors before we started filming the scenes. Like that, they could be authentic, reacting spontaneously and enjoying themselves at the same time. In my opinion that is what makes this film so special.

Oregon Short Film Festival - Winter 2021 Official Selection


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