Corked, Directed by Lori Shockley (California) - Corked is a dramatic short film set in 1970's Northern California wine country. It's based on the true story of one young women’s struggle against the status quo. Jane Dunlap is at the crossroads of asserting her independence in the male dominated industry. Which direction will she choose? Corked evolved out of a feature script based on a true story of 1970's Northern California wine country. The story deals with a woman's struggle, not just in the wine industry, but with finding her place in the world at a time when the entire country was in turmoil. I cannot help but draw parallels between the politics and confusion of then and the current day. My hope is that the short comes across as truly personal ...almost like a journal entry or a conversation. History is easily forgotten for some and I want this film to serve as a reminder of the women who helped break barriers and made that lightly tread path more accessible. Since it takes place in the early 70's I felt inspired by the directors and films of that time and designed the film to emulate the color palette, shots and style of the early part of that decade. We are extremely proud that our production was female-centric with Writers, Director, DP, Producers and AD all female.

Oregon Short Film Festival - Winter 2021 Official Selection

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