Egg on Your Face, Directed by Joshua Parkhill (New York) - A documentary crew details the abated rise and evolution of a French Egg Chef. The story for Egg on Your Face started out the same as any other, like words dangling from a string of plausibility. But after an early draft it became apparent that what was initially a potential sketch, was actually a prism from which a thing or two could be refracted. What made EOYF a particularly good device for refracting was NOT its heightened ridicule, (although that helps) but that it was believable. And i think that’s because at its core it comes from a real place, on a generational level and a human level. It’s tangible. Niceties aside though, i will maintain what matters in a piece is- story. Ultimately no matter how many lofty elements you pair a parable with, it’s a story, and it stands on its own feet, not someone else's, and not someone else's idea of what feet should be. For me the hardest part of crafting this piece, was during the edit in which i fulfilled the famed fable of killing my darlings. I imagine no director enjoys taking jokes out of a romp, but i made it a point to not allow the narrative to be weighed down by intellectualization or camp, because ultimately if it’s not engaging, then who gives a french shit'.

Oregon Short Film Festival - Winter 2021 Official Selection


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