Fauna, Directed by Davide Fiore (California) - Bill, a 60-years-old film director working on a new project, and Alice, a 35-years-old film producer finalizing her last television project are both cynic and ruthless people in their businesses. They meet one night into what they would later discover it’s going to be their last night together. Like immersed in an adult version of the "truth or dare" game, they spend the night drinking and hanging around San Francisco. As time goes by, they will discover the true hidden nature of their relationship, a labyrinth that will be hard to get out of. I wrote Fauna’s script 7 years ago. I was inspired by an elegant man I saw in a bar on the highway. He was drinking a coffee and I saw a tear falling down behind his sunglasses. Why this guy, so well dress with a fancy car outside, was crying? This is not the kind of guy you see crying everyday. My mind flew. It was for love. He should have lost his love one in a way that money can’t buy it back. At the beginning the story was based in Torino, Italy, but when I moved to San Francisco, USA, I decided to translate it. Not only with the words but also with the feelings. I had to change locations, not only for the new city, but also for the new audience. Because every location embodies a different feeling and what a Chinese Bar can tell to an American audience is different from what it can say to an Italian one. The inspiration comes from the work of Scorsese’s Shutter Island, Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shot and Nick Cassavetess’ The Notebook. I loved the way Scorsese portraited in a subtle way the illness of Di Caprio’s character; I loved the way Kubrick showed the struggle of Cruise’s character in cheating his wife because he’s deeply in love with her; finally I loved how Cassavetess told that love wins on crazyness. This film will always be special to me because it’s the first one that I wrote and directed completelly in English (not my mothertongue), with an American crew, in an American environment. I started pitching the script in 2017 but, while I was waiting for producers to help me finding money, I didn’t want to sit on it too long. So I started saving money from my editor job and once I had the right amount, I filmed it. I used my own money to get it done. My love for the story and the passion of the crew I put together, with the producer Mariana Finelli’s help, made the rest. I was lucky to have such a great crew that really helped me to realize my script in the exact way I thought about. While watching this film, I want the viewer to experience compassion for the main character and at the same time understand what is considered craziness nowadays. I’m fascinated by the way the love can make people becoming crazy and how it could transcend our life.

Oregon Short Film Festival - Winter 2021 Official Selection


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