Food Time, Directed by Craigen Z Oster (Michigan) - The film follows Pete, a movie theatre clerk, over the course of one morning on his way to work. He desires nothing more than a nice, juicy coney for breakfast from his corner liquor store. However, a couple of old pals to whom he owes a debt, and a jilted former lover, may just prevent him from that glorious first bite. This is a story about the beauty of the everyday. The things forgotten and viewed with disdain, like greasy gas station food, liquor stores, and arguments between former friends. These fill up our lives between the moments we are riding high, making up the majority of our time as we walk the same damn streets... over and over and over... All I truly have ever wanted to do is make films that recognize the beauty in the everyday world around us, opening the eyes of the audience to things usually overlooked or cast in a negative light. These things and places, like corner liquor stores and gas station food, deserve a reverence for the warmth and connection to the rest of the world that they provide all of us with. They are places where people find themselves in angst, depression, and celebration and foods that people of all walks of life find themselves returning to time and time again. I also care deeply about creating films that show this beauty as exists in my home. Being from the suburbs of Detroit, completing my bachelor’s at the University of Detroit Mercy, and finishing my Juris Doctorate at Wayne State University in Detroit, my heart has been imprinted with a profound love for the city. I hope to show this love through Food Time (which was shot in Detroit and Oak Park, Michigan) and my future work, showcasing all the wonder and beauty that this always great city and state have both in its nature and people.

Oregon Short Film Festival - Winter 2021 Official Selection


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