Giselle's Story, Directed by Susan O'Brien (New York) - Giselle’s Story captures the personal transition journey of one Black Trans woman as she reflects on her experiences, and her participation in the current protests and rallies of the Black Lives Matter movement. In the midst of the BLM protests, there’s been a new chant included in the rally cries. Black TRANS Lives Matter. A community previously left out of conversations, holds one of the largest marches of the BLM movement where in the crowd, a woman who has long fought for justice, chants at the front lines. Giselle’s Story captures the journey of Giselle as she reflects on her childhood to then coming out as a trans woman. Though met with understanding by her family, there still lies the violence and rage of the outside world; fearful to accept a trans person’s truth. Through conversation and protesting out on the streets, Giselle embraces what could be the new hope for her community’s future. This film was created by the friendship and sharing of stories of womanhood between Giselle and I. Her story is one that is rarely showcased in film, television and the media at large. As she described her transition as a "Cinderella story", I knew that her journey full of love, hope and acceptance was one that needed to be told to the masses.

Oregon Short Film Festival - Winter 2021 Official Selection

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