I Knew Him Well, Directed by Sean Harrison Jones (Massachusetts) - A disruption at the funeral of a beloved patriarch forces a family to come to terms with the memory of the man they thought they knew. There are two ideas I want to convey through this film: One, that you can never fully know a person, no matter how intimate your relationship. Even a parent. Especially a parent. Human beings are too complex to summarize. There are even things within ourselves we’ve tucked away into drawers we don’t know exist. I have always wanted to explore that notion. And two, perhaps more importantly, can you learn to forgive someone you love after discovering something unforgivable about them? What would it take to accept them in all of their flawed, messy glory? I want to convey those ideas through characters that feel like real people, simple yet beautiful images that stir up a wide range of emotions and a story that recalls feelings or experiences the audience may have had themselves. After all, that’s why we love to watch movies: To be reminded we’re not alone, to share the universal experience of being human, warts and all.

Oregon Short Film Festival - Winter 2021 Official Selection


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