Master Bassist, Directed by Alexei Pacholuk (New Mexico) - A clueless and self-centered grunge bassist gets kicked out of his band only to find out they are being unwittingly stalked by a murdering sex cult. With their lives at stake, it’s up to the bassist to save his former bandmates before they’re all sacrificed to the Energy Master. My friends and I originally developed the story of “Master Bassist” after a deep dive down a Youtube rabbit hole. We stumbled across this trippy, Midsommar-esq music video that for whatever reason, I couldn't stop watching. After some research, we found out it was made by a real-life sex cult in AZ, and right there we knew we wanted to tell a story about them. When it came time to develop the main characters; I picked characteristics from old friends, relationships and bandmates that impacted my life, good and bad. "Master Bassist" being my first ambitious script, I wasn't sure exactly how to make it happen. After sending the script to friends and professors they helped me take it from paper to screen, and I couldn't have done it without them. I hope you enjoyed this film as much as we all did making it!

Reno Comedy Film Festival - Spring 2021 Official Selection

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