Mind Mending, Directed by Markus Schröder (United Kingdom/Germany) - Filipe is only 36 when he suffers a stroke performing on stage with his heavy metal band. Believing that live music will help his recovery, and frustrated by his aphasia, a communication disorder brought on by stroke, Filipe attempts to reconnect with the world by visiting music festivals dressed as a bunny rabbit. After showing signs of improvement, the stress and anxiety caused by his ambition plunge him into depression and epilepsy. He perseveres, but a new diagnosis of bipolar disorder lands him in hospital, following a dramatic and confusing visit to the United States. As he learns to accept that bunny will always be with him, Filipe finally gets a grip on reality when a fresh ray of hope gives him a new perspective. In dealing with Filipe and slowly becoming friends in the process, I realised that the effects of a stroke don’t just disappear once the actual ‘brain attack’ is over. The effects can last many years, often a lifetime. I was also unaware of just how many stroke survivors develop mental health conditions - in case of Filipe, depression and bipolar disorder, on top of epilepsy. So I hope to raise some new awareness in people with this film, and to improve the relationship of stroke survivors with their loved ones and friends. By getting as closely as possible to the human experience of someone who has endured it all, I aim to make people understand on a deeper, more emotional level what every stroke survivor is going through.

Oregon Short Film Festival - Winter 2021 Official Selection

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