Networking Lunch, Directed by Melissa McGlensey (Chicago) - Networking Lunch is a short comedic film about a woman who agrees to meet up with her ex for lunch. It stars Kimberly Michelle Vaughn (Second City) and David Pasquesi (VEEP, Angels & Demons) and was written and directed by Melissa McGlensey. Networking Lunch is a short film about the universal experience of wondering what could’ve been. In it, the main character discovers that the grass is not, in fact, always greener on the other side. In "Networking Lunch," Clare, a 20-something in a loving and committed (although at times slightly boring) relationship, gets a message from an ex and agrees to meet him for lunch, only to discover that he is nothing like her memories of him. I wanted to make this film because I often succumb to the false notion that the past was better than the present. I can be nostalgic to a fault and I find myself romanticizing people and situations from the past that were, in reality, not as great as I remember them. I think this part of human nature is particularly ripe for comedic exploration and that's what I attempted to do with "Networking Lunch." I wanted to point out the absurdity of always wondering what could've been, always thinking there is someone better out there, when in fact what you have is pretty great and what's out there can be a whole lot less ideal than you imagined. Now, about the cast! We managed to land a spectacular cast of talented people including Kimberly Michelle Vaughn as "Clare," Mark Campbell as "Scott," and, last but not least, David Pasquesi playing the unforgettable role of "Craig." Pasquesi is perhaps best known for his work on the popular HBO show VEEP or for being half of the legendary improv duo TJ & Dave. His filmography also includes Groundhog Day (1993), Angels & Demons (2009) and his iconic role as "Stew the Meat Man" in the cult classic Comedy Central show Strangers With Candy (1999). As you’ll see from the credits, this film is a largely female-driven production -- Our writer/director, both co-producers, the assistant director, the camera assistant and several other crew members were women. That’s an exciting thing in an industry with very few women calling the shots! In fact, according to the Documentary MISSrepresentation, women compromise only 16% of all writers, directors, producers cinematographers and editors. This production offered women the rare opportunity to work with other women in creating content about women. Now that you know something about the project, it’s time to get to know the people: Melissa McGlensey: Melissa is a comedian, journalist, writer and aspiring filmmaker from Orange County, California, currently living in Australia. She is also the the writer/director and a producer of the film. Arwen Tag: Arwen is a producer and director currently based in Minneapolis, MN. She is thrilled to be a producer on this film and collaborate with friends! Vivi Varon: Vivi is a writer, director, and choreographer from Los Angeles who is currently studying comedy filmmaking at Harold Ramis Film School at The Second City in Chicago. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the film.

Oregon Short Film Festival - Winter 2021 Official Selection


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