Orthogonal, Directed by Ollie Rankin (California) - Orthogonal is a story of two young women from very different, but equally challenging backgrounds. They each break free from the families, traditions and expectations that are holding them back and set out to find themselves. Instead they find one another and discover just how difficult it is to bridge the rift between their divergent worlds. Orthogonal is intended as a poetic commentary on our current cultural milieu. It hints at the way that tribalism and media echo chambers divide us, despite our common humanity. Yuka and Kayla, the two characters, are similar in very many ways. Yet, for no reason other than where and to whom they happened to be born, they are unable to fully connect. Orthogonal also reminds us of the importance of adventure. One must be prepared to leave behind the comfortable and familiar, to explore the world and to meet others from different backgrounds. Doing so allows us to more fully appreciate the complexity and diversity of the world as it also forces us to reevaluate our assumptions and biases. And finally, Orthogonal is also about the way that families and the expectations and traditions that families impose upon us, often prevent or delay us from fulfilling our own destinies. The soundtrack is a song that I wrote and recorded as I myself was finally emerging from under the weight of my father's expectations.

Oregon Short Film Festival - Winter 2021 Official Selection

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