Savages, Directed by Russell Kinscherff (California) - After a brutal act of violence, an assassin fights for her revenge, and her life, against the person who wronged her. I love great action films. When blended with crescendoing structure and solid story, they can really flourish. Mad Max: Fury Road, The Raid franchise, the first John Wick, The Man from Nowhere, and Oldboy are just some examples of films that blend unique action with well-told story. I knew I wanted to try making action, but I didn't want to just make any random action film thats action for action's sake. I wanted to experiment with structure and context, and I did this by cutting together two action scenes that contextualize one another by constantly intensifying the stakes the more we learn about the characters. After a months of preparation, sound design, and editing, I believe I managed to put something together that achieves this. To this day, making this film ranks high among the most stressful experiences of my life, but the knowledge I gained was well worth it.

Oregon Short Film Festival - Winter 2021 Official Selection


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