Schedule, Directed by Ervin Sallai (Hungary) - John is lying on the rails, waiting for the train. The train is late. 37 degrees hot summer day - no wonder that John is upset. It was such a clear plan. When John had a stroke he came up with the big idea to commit an insurance fraud. With the help of his son, Dezső and Dezső’s wife they fake a train accident. The train will cut off John’s left arm and leg which are paralised anyway, so they aren’t a big loss. Excellent plan, everything was going according to schedule - but now the train is late. While waiting for the “accident” all buried grievances and arguments in the family break the surface. As the train unstoppable comes closer and closer like destiny, the tense is getting higher and the family has to face some fateful questions. Does John sacrifice himself for his family or for his very own interest? Will he accomplish the fraud? Would he do the sacrifice if his left side wasn’t paralised? By the train arrives someone has to answer the questions.

Reno Comedy Film Festival - Spring 2021 Official Selection

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