Shane and Ivy - We're Eloping to Vegas, Written by Sandra Gregory (Arizona) - Logline: A young, newly engaged couple escapes the preconditions of marriage by the bride's parents, only to have her parents chase after them down a crazy road trip filled with a world of odd obstacles all the way to Vegas. Comparable Films: The Hangover, American Wedding, Due Date, Meet the Fockers, Meet the Parents Genre / Format Type: Comedy / Rom-Com / Young Adult / Coming-Of-Age - Feature Film Two-Hours Synopsis: The story opens with a paintball game where SHANE (23) flashes a sign, "Ivy, will you marry me." IVY (21) is so surprised that she shoots Shane in the groin with a paintball. Shane's parents, JESS (50) and FLORENCE (45), couldn't be happier for them, but Ivy's parents, WALT (47) and LILLY (45), they're not pleased about the engagement. Walt and Lilly conspire to derail the engagement by insisting on several preconditions of marriage, which cause them to elope to Vegas. The road to Vegas is filled with one crazy thing after another from Ivy throwing a soda bottle out the window, which unbenounced to her; it explodes all over the car behind them, which results in the soda bottle guy chasing after them along with Ivy's parents. With little choices available, they stay in the hotel from hell. Things get worse when Ivy decides she wants to get married as Peterpan and Tinkerbelle, "I don't know anyone who's ever done this before." Shane looks at the brochure and replies, "Yea, I can see why." While leaving the hotel on their way to the altar dressed as Peterpan and Tinkerbelle, they walk into a UFO convention in the lobby and get in to fight with the two aliens for being non-believers. When they arrive at the chapel, Shane sees himself in the mirror dressed as Peterpan. He tells Ivy, "Nothing about this feels even remotely right." They decide to get married at home instead. When they exit the chapel, they run right into Ivy's parents and the soda bottle guy. There's a scuffle. The Minister, Captain Hook, says, "Watch those two will be married for fifty years." Ivy leaves with her parents. At home, Shane persuades Ivy to marry him. A bachelor and bachelorette party are held with more antics. Eventually, they are married.

Reno Comedy Film Festival - Spring 2021 Official Selection

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