Stardust, Directed by Manahar Kumar (Georgia/India) - An anxious daughter battles her feelings over her father’s sudden death at 30,000 ft, with no one to console her but a pensive poet. - Stardust Working on my thesis short, Stardust, I’ve amalgamated the intimate, life-changing loss of my mentor, my grandfather, an International airplane journey, and an undying curiosity with death. The airplane journey with the real-life Marium (from Atlanta) put my grandfather’s death and my spiral into depression, in perspective, and lo and behold, Stardust was born. The story talks about a person who just died and one person’s way of dealing with the immediacy of the situation. The film isn’t about a grieving process, rather the moment of death --- when one is confused, questioning, anxious and bottling up everything yet facing the world by putting up a facade that they’re “fine”, being engulfed with these emotions, all at once. The story aims to remove the mask of “I have it all together.” The characters share a non-judgmental relationship that throws light on societal norms and grief that sometimes takes years to heal. We delve into philosophical questions through religion, culture and the best solution to any problem - stories. In conclusion, the film is a reminder to myself and viewers that, “Death is not a full stop, it’s just a comma.”

Oregon Short Film Festival - Winter 2021 Official Selection

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