This Way And That Way, Written by Christa Oneill (Canada) - It is 1995, a set of thirty-year-old identical twins, SARA and TARA, who each own the region’s largest meat and milk-producing farms, are still stuck in the eighties. Main Street through Cowtown ends at a T. The directions to the farms; this way, which is left for meat and that way, right, for milk, provides endless comedy for the townsfolk. Small towns hold no secrets. However, Cowtown has kept one from the twins since high school. They were secretly nicknamed ‘This Way’ and ‘That Way’ because of the direction in which they part their eighties big hair bangs. THE TWINS understand each other like the back of their own hands, farms, and 80’s hair but they have an even bigger secret of their own. At times, the townspeople, the husbands, and friends are not sure who’s who, or which way they’re going. This is a half an hour satirical comedy series about a set of twin farmers living and working in rural New Brunswick where life should be straight forward and simple. Not so in Sussex, aka “Cowtown”, a place that holds secrets from the twins, but they have an even bigger secret. Authenticity My best friends in elementary school were twins. I hung out with another set of male twins in high school which I don’t wish to talk about... lol. I also grew my own set of male twins who are now twenty-five years old. Literally, they were double the trouble and they do lie and prank and manipulate, believe me, I know. I’ve been blessed with having twins in my life since I was six. They’ve been pulling fast ones on me all my life. Talk about confusion.

Reno Comedy Film Festival - Spring 2021 Official Selection

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