Thoughts and Prayers, Directed by Lisa Gold (California) - To do today: Eat breakfast, go to work/school, get shot. Yawn. As a director and writer, I am fascinated by our flaws, how we get in our own way. My characters make mistakes often expressed in heightened comedy, outrageous actions, out of control sex drives, or immersion into fantasy worlds. I see the world through the eyes of a humanist, never judging. Even with raging antagonists, I try my best to empathize. Although I have directed and written comedy, sci-fi, fantasy, and action, I tend to favor the dramatic side of genre, so more dramedy than broad comedy, for example. My protagonists are not always female, but my outlook as a woman informs the nuanced emotional performances I favor. My characters always grow in self-awareness, and I believe in showing their emotional turns visually. I’m proud, for example, that the most moving moments on my directing reel require no dialogue to be understood. As a director, I don’t shy away from anger or sadness in my work. These are essential emotional truths; we deny them at our own peril. I love my craft best when I know I’ve snuck some raw honesty into an entertaining project.

Oregon Short Film Festival - Winter 2021 Official Selection

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