Touch, Directed by Kurisu Lee (Malaysia) - In an unknown universe, Adam goes through unnatural obstacles to find his way out until he meets Natalie, a fairly familiar face with a touch of warmth ; their chemistry creates a telepathic bond between their worlds. Our minds contain an uncountable amount of information ; memories, thoughts, images and at times, sound. It is held by one of the most important human organ, the brain. With our minds, solutions, memories and many others are created, and in a constant flow, our mind works as long as we are awake. But, what happens when we sleep? When we are unconscious? What happens to our minds? The conscious and unconscious minds may be created by the same organ, but it differs into different universes of our memories and surroundings. TOUCH, is a short film that explores the conscious and unconscious mind of a person. In this short film, our protagonist goes through layers and dimensions of his mind. To move on, to hide or to escape, we do not put it out into the obvious. As he explores deeper, we come to understand his submissive behaviour is in line with his unconscious mind. Therefore, is he able to escape his mind or even just put out his dominance behaviour to show? Compositions of visuals, sounds, lights and space are important in this film. Therefore the aesthetic elements are taken into serious consideration and determination to create an immersive, dreamlike picture. To create a world that may look familiar, but unfamiliar simultaneously.

Oregon Short Film Festival - Winter 2021 Official Selection


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