Valora, Directed by Hunter Goetz (Arizona) - Valora, is a coming of age film that follows the story of a young girl struggling to find her voice and courage when she needs it most. When arriving at a street corner one night, Valora witnesses a young woman, Tiffany, being abducted and finds herself as the only one with the ability to save this girl. Throughout Valora’s journey to do so, the film is narrated entirely as a poem. Finding your voice as a filmmaker can be a very long and tedious process sometimes. It wasn’t till my final year of film school that I realized that I hadn’t made a film that was true to myself and who I wanted people to know me as. Growing up in Glendale, Arizona, sex trafficking and abductions were always a subject matter that was revolving around my community. They made their way in the forms of memos at work, posters at local businesses, and every night on the news as faces of those who were lost. Making Valora was a chance for me to tell those people that I heard them and that we are listening. It was both a physical and emotionally exhausting craft of love that we made this film and my hope is that people can view it and clearly read the message I am trying to send. It won’t fix the problem, but hopefully it’ll give some small glimpse towards the solution. As a filmmaker, this has been my most challenging project to date, but I am so proud of it and all of it’s endeavors.

Oregon Short Film Festival - Winter 2021 Official Selection

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