Waiting for Gina, Directed by Victor Villar-Hauser (California) - Jeff obsessively waits and waits for an all-too-hopeful Tinder date to text him back, until his Grandma Dotty must shake him from his fantasy. The cultural obsession with our cellphones is a clear detriment to our personal wellbeing and for some, much more than others. Jeff, our protagonist, a hopeless romantic, already has the cards stacked against him. When you add an impersonal dating-app like Tinder into the mix, the stack becomes just a little too big. As he loses himself in phone screen obsession, his symbiotic relationship with his grandma, Dotty, wilts. Like so many of us, Jeff’s unhealthy phone-life hinders the real relationships in his life. Our team tackles this issue through comedy and absurdism, because at the end of the day, isn’t that what so much of our swipe-right, swipe-left behavior has become? It’s something previous generations could never have imagined, and yet, paradoxically, making matters worse, Dotty has mastered the technology with confidence and bravado, succeeding where Jeff fails. Ultimately, we laugh with Jeff, and sometimes at him, but never without loving him first, as he playfully reflects part of a generation seeking intimacy without the tools to navigate dating-apps and the aloof social realities our cellphones create.

Oregon Short Film Festival - Winter 2021 Official Selection

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