We Stand Together, Directed by Helen Alexis Yonov (California) - This is a story about the unity and support between every woman. We always find ourselves biting our tongues. Explaining ourselves. Apologizing. Making ourselves smaller. This isn't selling anything. This isn't a fantasy lifestyle that we can only dream of having. This is about us standing together. Hopefully, this will subtly remind each woman that she is not alone and to not be afraid to own her femininity and her beauty, because they are hers and hers alone. My vision for WE STAND TOGETHER (a #metoo PSA) is to mirror the look and feel of a beauty and fashion commercial in order to bring awareness to the stereotypes of women that are portrayed in advertising. This narrow-minded and one-sided view harms the perception of women in all cultures. We are more than what we look like. WE STAND TOGETHER plays with the concept of voyeurism and, in turn, the male gaze. When first viewed, the initial audience reaction has been that this is a beauty and fashion commercial. As viewers and consumers, we have been conditioned to sexually objectify women, regardless of whether or not they are models or actresses; teenagers or young adult women; mothers or career professionals. The intention of this project is to flip the initial concept on its head and force the viewer to reconsider or re-address their initial response with an entirely different point of view. We are not objectifying women for a product. Instead we strive to highlight the way that society views women, as well as judges them. My reason for doing this was to call attention to our culture’s idealized and or often violent sexualization of women. I wanted the viewer - both men and women - to become aware of how society has conditioned us to perceive women, which effects the security and self-confidence of women around the world. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It can also be weaponized against women, as well as by women against women. In today’s society, we find ourselves constantly pitted against one another due to the competitive, patriarchal world we live in. The environment in which these four women inhabit is intentionally designed to reflect the beauty and safety of a feminine fairytale. In this world, these women command respect and still remain beautiful women, who are fierce, strong, and powerful. It is of utmost importance to challenge the dialogue, the story, and the narrative that surround the #metoo movement. The butterfly is a symbol of beauty, grace, innocence, and the ethereal. A fragile being, it can be easily destroyed. However, it is strong as it flies thousands of miles during migration with courage and strength. They have determination and nothing sways them from reaching their destination or their goal. It is an obvious metaphor that touches upon the dichotomy found in women who exhibit strength with sensitivity; intelligence with an innate natural understanding; and professionalism with motherhood. The butterfly acts as a bridge that brings them together, creating a connection. At the end, the butterflies are symbols of the unity that can be found amongst women.

Oregon Short Film Festival - Winter 2021 Official Selection

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