Wireless, Directed by Criss Gidas (Australia) - An Olympic figure skater's career is at stake after she's jailed for something she didn't do. There are many opinions surrounding motherhood and parenting with women’s healthcare and reproductive rights is something heavily debated. While many parents have the option in this modern world have the option of being working parents, the question is sill asked more often than note: when are you going to have a relationship and have a family? This is more of an issue for those who are happy in their single life, or even happy couples, that still have the question of parenthood thrust upon them. What the protagonist ultimately represents is the pressures the social normality of finding that special someone and eventually having kids. The motivation to create a story like this is to really challenge the audience in their perceptions of how we live our lives, especially in the family environment. The film itself doesn’t take any sides: it merely observes and lets the audience make their own decisions.

Oregon Short Film Festival - Winter 2021 Official Selection


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