Your Heart Is Mine, Directed by Jake Whiston (Oregon/Washington) - Haunted by visions of his mother, a young man grapples with his mental health as he confronts his father for the truth of her death. This is strange to say—Your Heart Is Mine came to life against my will. It became its own animal, one with more teeth than I expected. This film is really about me, its director. About my inability to articulate myself the year it was made. No part of its story is a one-to-one of my life. But every image is an image of me. Like seeing my psyche through bad glass. This is why I call the main character an “anti-protagonist.” Meaning, a protagonist who can't cause action. The story carries him like a river. He’s pushed and pulled, swallowed by everything around him. By the other characters. And by his past. He tries, flailing, but can’t change the story’s course. This is not good writing for a main character. But it's honest. For my story at least. The film was inspired by the song of the same title. It was written by the musician Jared Hinton (who goes under the moniker “People”) and was beautifully arranged by his producer Jesse Moffat. As its maker, I see 'Your Heart Is Mine' as strange and flawed, but it is meaningful. I hope that comes across, some way.

Oregon Short Film Festival - Winter 2021 Official Selection


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