Joey Skaggs: Bad Guys Talent Management Agency, Directed by Judy Drosd and Joey Skaggs (Kentucky) - This short documentary is the third episode in the ongoing series, "Joey Skaggs Satire and Art Activism 1960s to the Present and Beyond". Using historical archival footage, Joey tells the hilarious story of his 1984 media performance piece, the Bad Guys Talent Management Agency, in which he helps his friend Verne fulfill his life-long ambition to become an actor. The film displays an extraordinary friendship and simultaneously provides an inside look at Joey’s creativity, imagination, and array of media access techniques. This performance, which started as a prank, actually filled a need within the entertainment industry and resulted in the elevation of numerous other actors’ careers. Joey Skaggs is a satirist, performance artist, and activist who has, for decades, pioneered the use of the media as an integral part of his artwork. His art is both timely and timelessly relevant in that he tackles far ranging cultural, political and social issues, producing works that question and challenge authority and examine societal beliefs. This series is produced with technical support from NYU’s Moving Image Archiving and Preservation Program in the Tisch School of the Arts. Joey Skaggs' work is also the subject of Andrea Marini's award-winning feature documentary "Art of the Prank", which is currently in international distribution. "Joey Skaggs is a performance artist whose life work is poignant, hilarious, intriguing and frequently, unbelievable. He’s also, not surprisingly, an amazing storyteller. More than 50 years ago, he set in motion his own form of performance art using satire and irony to make social commentary. He began creating fictitious characters, businesses, and events all of which the mass media reported as fact. Building on his successes, his work became more and more complex and outrageous. Still the news reported it. Journalists looking for sensational, eye-popping stories simply could not resist. The “Bad Guys Talent Management Agency”, created to help his friend get an acting job; the “Fat Squad”, where you could hire commandos to keep you on your diet; a “Celebrity Sperm Bank” where you could purchase rock star sperm; a portable confessional booth, “Portofess”, where you could confess your sins in the streets. These and many more performances on a wide array of subjects have garnered enormous media attention world-wide. Joey’s performances take place in real life and in public. They are here today and gone tomorrow. Journalists and unsuspecting strangers frequently become part of the work. Early on he realized that he had to collect as much proof (photos, print articles and television news reports) as he could or no one would believe these things actually happened. As a result, he has an extraordinary archive of multi-media materials that provide fascinating context to his escapades. I’ve helped Joey manage his archive for a long time and have a keen familiarity with and admiration for his work. After producing “Art of the Prank”, Andrea Marini’s documentary about Joey’s work, I joined forces with Joey to produce, direct, shoot, and edit this new oral history series, “Joey Skaggs Satire and Art Activism, 1960s to the Present… and Beyond”. In each one he shares not only the backstory of various performance pieces, but a window into what he was thinking then and what he thinks now looking back. My contribution is to mold his on-camera interviews and the incredible back-story into engaging gems. To date, we’ve shot more than 40 stories and I’ve edited four. Each one is a complete piece that can stand on its own or in concert with others. We won’t know the shape of the end result until we’re further along, but we are creating a unique way of viewing Joey’s work in a non-linear fashion. For me this project is a dream come true. It’s great fun to interview Joey and produce and edit these stories. I’m very excited to share them with people who may not yet know Joey’s work, or who may know it but not know the inside story. I find these short documentaries inspirational and I hope other people do too."

Oregon Documentary Film Festival - Winter 2021 Official Selection

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