Paulette, Directed by Heather Rae (California) - History has been made when for the first time a Native American candidate, Paulette Jordan, has won the Primary in the run for Governor. The stakes are set high for her journey to November — it would have been the first time an Original citizen has taken this role in the United States. From a heroic win in May to hard-hitting loss in November, Paulette stays true to her path as an Indigenous leader and ultimately goes on to run for US Senate 2020. "I am a sixth generation Idahoan on my father’s side, and Native to this country on my mother’s side. I met Paulette Jordan was she was in high school in Plummer, Idaho where I spent time mentoring Native youth and encouraging students to pursue their dreams and ideals. The making of this documentary was the work of my father, an old Idaho cowboy, who insisted that a new face of leadership will breathe fresh air into the state’s economy, humanity and future. As he said, “it’s time for these old white fucks to die off.” Verbatim. And so we tell the story of Paulette Jordan’s rise to governorship in Idaho 2018, and ultimately a run for US Senate in 2020. Our approach with Paulette is personal and deeply observational. There is something different about her, you can see it when she speaks and in the faces of her listeners. We worked to capture this nuanced way that she engages with youth, elders, the forgotten and the invisible. One day she spent nearly an hour speaking to me about the importance and invisibility of the Latinx vote; she is a community-grown representative and we want to feel this engagement in our storytelling. The color tone and look of the piece is clean and earthy. This is politics, but it's also Idaho. Its majestically beautiful and Paulette is from a ranching family in the land of wheat and corn. We follow these richly versed visually with her, and weave her campaign trail into it. So its earthy verite with politic suspense…and all in reverence to our Idaho homeland."

Oregon Documentary Film Festival - Winter 2021 Official Selection


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