Yoshi Fixes Cameras, Directed by Hayden Bevis (Australia) - The story of a camera repairman and the love of analogue photography. Hiroyoshi Nagami is a camera repairman. Working out of a small workshop at his home in outer Melbourne, Yoshi is one of the few remaining film camera servicemen left in the industry.  After surviving the digital revolution in the early 2000’s, it has now come time for Yoshi to hang up his mini-screwdrivers, despite being busier than ever, due to a revival in people using analogue film cameras. "Yoshi Fixes Cameras is one of my favourite films I've made to date. The film was born out of a bit of an argument with my father about downsizing, which led me to understand that values have changed over time, in terms of objects and possessions in society. I have definitely grown up in a world where you can get cheap/throw away things whenever you wanted. My father on the other hand valued everything he bought (probably too much, he doesn't throw out anything) The camera fixed in this film is a great example of that. So I love that not only this film is about a wonderful character in Yoshi but also has a great theme about what we actually value in 2020."

Oregon Documentary Film Festival - Winter 2021 Official Selection


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