Dark Comedy Film Category Description: This category is reserved for films that are on the darker side of the comedy genre. Sometimes referred to as “Black Comedy” these films have a sick sense of humor and may not be suitable for mainstream festivals. Often times these films end with the death of a character or have some strange gruesome scenes. Dark comedy films can make you laugh and cringe at the same time. If your audience laughs and then says “that’s messed up,” then you’ve probably produced something pretty dark. This event has screened dark comedy films that feature strange cruelty, or feature characters that are trying to get rid of a dead body, or they accidentally poison the wrong person, or even dream of murders, dark situations and revenge with strange dark comedic elements.The duration of video files submitted to the Dark Comedy Film category must be between six and thirty minutes in length including all credits. (06:00 - 30:00) The following film festivals accept submissions to this category: Austin Comedy Film Festival, Austin After Dark Film Festival, Houston Comedy Film Festival, Nevada Short Film Festival, Oregon Short Film Festival, Portland Comedy Film Festival, Reno Comedy Film Festival

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