Dark Drama Film Category Description: This category is reserved for a Drama Film that is intended for a mature audience that is at least 18 years old. Films that could deal with a variety of darker topics like murder, death, abuse, torture, suicide, depression, hallucinations, shootings, police investigations, gang violence, kidnapping, riots, uncomfortable risky situations, verbal abuse, war, PTSD, flashbacks, psychological breakdowns, or some other topic that fits into a “darker” Drama category and not necessarily in the Horror Film Category. Films with graphic sex scenes or nudity should submitted to this category as opposed to the regular Drama Category. This will help our staff with late night event scheduling in order to avoid screening this material for minors. The duration of video files submitted to the Dark Drama Film category must be between six and thirty minutes in length including all credits. (06:00 - 30:00) The following film festivals accept submissions to this category: Austin After Dark Film Festival, Nevada Short Film Festival, Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival, Oregon Short Film Festival

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