Drama Film Category Description: This category is reserved for films with real-life stories, people and situations of a more serious nature. Films that have strong acting and great writing. Films that bring out emotions in the audience are what the judges are looking for. Strong drama films deal with everything from romance and family relationships to post traumatic stress disorder, depression and loss of life. Medical dramas, stories about overcoming adversity, period dramas, sports stories, immigration issues, poverty, coming of age stories, have all screened at this event in the past. Beautiful cinematography, good production value and great music are viewed favorably by our judges, especially in the drama category.The duration of video files submitted to the Drama Film category must be between six and thirty minutes in length including all credits. (06:00 - 30:00) The following film festivals accept submissions to this category: Austin After Dark Film Festival, Nevada Short Film Festival, Oregon Short Film Festival

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