Screenplay: Comedy Short Category Description: This category is reserved for screenplays that are funny, engaging and make people laugh. The judges are looking for screenplays that have great character development, funny moments, comedic situations, smart dialogue, humorous personalities, and a storyline that is easy to follow. Most genres of comedy screenplays fit into this category. General comedy, musicals, sketch comedy, stand-up comedy, family comedy, slapstick comedy, action comedy, student comedy, fake commercials and even mockumentary screenplays. Please note that we also have separate screenplay categories for Dark Comedy, Horror Comedy, Romantic Comedy and Comedy Series or Television Episodes. Submissions to the Screenplay: Comedy Short category must be less than 60 pages in length. The following film festivals accept submissions to this category: Austin Micro Film Festival, Austin Comedy Film Festival, Austin After Dark Film Festival, Houston Comedy Film Festival, Nevada Short Film Festival, Oregon Short Film Festival, Portland Comedy Film Festival, Reno Comedy Film Festival

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