Texas Short Film Festival

Featuring independent short films of all genres.

TSFF is a great place for filmmakers to network in the film industry.

This event is live and not virtually screened.

What is the TSFF?

Texas Short Film Festival in San Antonio


Texas Short Film Festival Evergreen Laurel


The Texas Short Film Festival Fall 2022 official selections have been announced! This event will take place on Saturday October 22, 2022. Tickets are now live.

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The TSFF is recurring event on the Film Festival Circuit that happens several times per year. The mission is to give opportunities to filmmakers in Texas, the US, and around the world an opportunity to screen their creative work for a live audience. Multiple short films with a maximum runtime of 30 minutes are screened in a "back to back" format. This event was founded by Mikel Fair, retired filmmaer and author who worked on location in the Film and Television industry from 1999-2015.

Previous Events: Award Winners, Finalists and Selections: 

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Are You Ready For A Theatrical Release Of Your Work in San Antonio, Texas?

Please submit your film or video to our next competition.

Filmmakers submit to film festivals so that they can gain 3rd party recognition for their work. Work with an organization that watches every minute films and judges your work fairly. Getting selected to TSFF has the following benefits:

Get the "real" film festival experience.

  • Screened in front of a live audience
  • No virtual screenings.
  • Live networking event.
  • Introduce your film or screenplay live at the awards presentation. (link to article)

Get Free Promotions

  • Free YouTube video to promote your film on our channel and yours. (1 minute)
  • Free Instagram video to promote your film on our channel and yours. (1 minute)
  • We share your public trailer on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Great Value $$$

  • Low Submission Fees
  • No additional fees for award consideration.
  • Affordable event tickets.
  • Networking badge and award certificate included with your ticket.

Memorable Experience

  • Flat $20 worldwide shipping for your award certificate and networking badge if you are unable to attend.
  • Includes professional event photos on site by a pro photographer.
  • Affordable custom merchandise. Wear your accomplishment with pride.
  • A permanent link to your work on our website that shows your accomplishment.
  • Proof for potential distributors and producers that your work has earned accolades.

Texas Short Film Festival White Laurel Merch


Join Us At Our Next Event!

Ready to watch something different than your normal Hollywood Theater experience?

Watch a collection of independent short films from the Film Festival Circuit that have been curated by our San Antonio based judges. Most of these films have never screened in the state of Texas. The Slab Cinema Arthouse is an intimate venue that attracts a local audience with an appreciation for independent film..

  • Affordable Day Pass
  • Watch 6+ hours of films
  • Attend our Networking Event
  • Interact with the filmmakers
  • Affordable drinks and snacks on site.
  • The theater is located inside the Blue Star Art Complex in San Antonio, surrounded by bars, restaurants and shopping.

Meet The Texas Short Film Festival Team

Mikel Fair, Festival Director

Founder of Film Festival Circuit, LLC in 2008, Mikel is the director of 10 ongoing film festivals in the United States. Mikel worked in production from 1999-2015 as a Sound Mixer, Field Producer and Production Manager on Feature Films and Television.

Mikel Fair
Festival Director

Juan Montero

With 15 years of television experience as a script supervisor, Juan leads our group of judges on a mission to find the best content for the San Antonio audience.

Juan Montero
Lead Festival Judge

Full Time Staff For All Of Our Events

The Film Festival Circuit, LLC Team

Every film festival that we operate has it's own group of paid local judges for each event. Our core team manages the judges, file delivery, live event staff, graphic design, web design, marketing, promotions, media, and legal responsibilities of our core company.

Caleb Wells

Judging Coordinator, collects the feedback from our judges in each market and creates social media videos for promotional purposes.

Judging Coordinator

Mario Jamarillo

Our graphic designer since the Houston Comedy Film Festival started accepting submissions in 2008. Mario has created every logo, certificate and badge image for our events.

Graphic Designer

Zeami Eccles-Irwin

Our production manager in charge of projection, file delivery, file management and event manager. Zeami is a jack of all trades, working to keep our film festival system optimized and organized.

Production Manager