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Film Festival Events

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Three Film Festival Events In Texas

In 2009, my wife Brooke and I (Mikel Fair) started our first of many Film Festival Events. The Houston Comedy Film Festival was a three day event with feature films and short films. We didn't know what we were doing really. All we knew, was that a film festival full of comedy films would be a fun event. In our first year we started at the Studio Movie Grill before eventually moving to the Alamo Drafthouse.

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Five Of The Best Film Festival Events in Oregon

The very first film festival events that I developed for Film Festival Circuit Inc. in Portland was the Oregon Short Film Festival 2016. Previously,  I created two comedy film festivals in Texas, but after moving to Oregon, decided to start an "all-genre" film festival. We quickly got a feel for the filmmaking community in Portland. The results were amazing. The Portland community came alive and supported the event for a three hour screening at the Avalon Theater. We had  long conversations with the some very friendly attendees from Oregon and Washington. I quickly realized that there was a market for all types of Independent Film Screenings in Portland.

Has Your Film Been Evaluated?

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Horror, Comedy, Documentary Film Film Festival Events

Oregon Scream Week is the Horror Film Festival that I opened for 2018 and it was a huge success. There were less submissions received, than for comedy film festivals, but the quality was amazing.

The average film submission length are much longer for the Oregon Documentary Film Festival. We still managed to screen 9 hours of documentary films on Veterans Day weekend in 2017. The turnout was amazing and films like "Song In a Day" really got the crowd buzzing.

The Oregon Short Film Festival has continued to grow. Screening 100 films in year three was something that I'd never attempted to do. The surge of high quality submissions that we received was so overwhelming, that we probably could have screened 200 films.

The Portland Comedy Film Festival is now ranked in the Top 100 worldwide rated by the filmmakers on FilmFreeway. The Portland Comedy Film Festival has become the flagship film festival for all of Film Festival Circuit Inc. 200 comedy films will screen in March 2018. Please check out our blog for the latest updates and information about the Film Festival Circuit.

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