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What Is Horror Films In Hotlanta?

Horror Films in Hotlanta is an independent horror film festival in Atlanta, Georgia. This annual event showcases short horror films from around the world. Atlanta has a great film scene in general, but also a dedicated horror film community that is eager to see new films. All flavors of horror are accepted including creatures, suspense, vampires, zombies, psycho killers, dark comedy, animation and other horrific situations that will make our audience jump. We've recruited 12 judges in the Atlanta area that are ready to watch every minute of every film submitted. We are also looking for horror film screenplays and hope to recognize exceptional work that can one day be produced into a short or feature film. Please check out the Horror Films In Hotlanta 2019 Event Page for more information the films screening October 25, 2019. All Award Winners and Nominations are now online!

Wanted! The Best Films And Screenplays In The Horror Film Genre

Do you have a horror film, horror comedy film or experimental horror that you are submitting to festivals? Have you written a horror screenplay with scary situations, evil villains, creepy concepts and great characters? Our judges can't wait to watch your videos and read your stories. Please read our Horror Film Festival Judging Guide if you'd like to understand our how we rate and select horror films. You can submit to Horror Films In Hotlanta on our portals FilmFreeway.


Horror Films In Hotlanta Submission Categories
  • Horror Film (6-30 minutes)
  • Horror Comedy Film (6-30 minutes)
  • Horror Micro Short Film (1-6 minutes)
  • Horror Comedy Micro Short Film (1-6 minutes)
  • Horror Film Trailer (1-3 minutes)
  • Experimental Horror Film (6-30 minutes)
  • Experimental Horror Micro Short Film (1-6 minutes)
  • Screenplay: Horror Short Story (1-40 pages)
  • Screenplay: Horror Feature Length Story (40-150 pages)
  • Screenplay: Horror Comedy Short Story (1-40 pages)
  • Screenplay: Horror Comedy Feature Length Story (40-150 pages)


Horror Films In Hotlanta Success Story: The Barber's Cut

One of the short films that we screened during our Horror Films In Hotlanta 2017, The Barber's Cut, has received funding and will be produced as a feature film! What an awesome job by director Mark Brocking! Learn more about the film on The Barber's Cut official website. Watch the short film version on YouTube now!



Horror Films In Hotlanta Festival Director Caroline King

Caroline King was born and raised in the south graduating from the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts majoring in Musical Theatre in 2006. Shortly after she moved to Chicago, IL where she learned and performed improv and sketch comedy at iO, Second City, Comedy Sports and Annoyance comedy theaters. She has been based in Atlanta, GA since 2015 when she discovered her love for writing, acting, podcasting and film making. She is the creator of Bitch Beer Podcast, a podcast that interviews people in the beer industry and spreads the word of craft beer to beer lovers at all levels of knowledge. Caroline is also the creator of "Church Wives" an award winning mockumentary about women in Southern church society. Touring the film festival circuit with her own film made her realize how much she loved the experience that film festivals have to offer and decided to join the team to help spread the love that she felt at every festival she attended with her own film. Her goal is to make Atlanta, GA a prime location for film makers around the world to showcase their films and screen plays. We have such a wonderful and constantly growing community of filmmakers and she knows that attracting film makers from all over the world is only going to make it stronger. Caroline King is also the director of the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival, the Georgia Documentary Film Festival and the Georgia Shorts Film Festival.


Horror Films In Hotlanta Past Events
Horror Films In Hotlanta 2018 - Selections, Awards, Nominations
Horror Films In Hotlanta 2017 - Selections, Awards, Nominations


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