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 What Is The Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival?

Oregon Scream Week is a Horror genre independent international film festival for Horror Films and Horror Comedy Films in Portland, Oregon. We had our first Oregon Scream Week Film Festival in February 2018 and it was a huge success. People travelled from China, Japan, South Korea, Canada and from all over the US to our screenings of 54 Horror Short Films. There is an appetite for films, especially in the Northwest, that make people scream, freak out and get their hearts racing. That is why we created Oregon Scream Week. Please check out the Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival Summer 2019 Event on August 8-9. 2019 to learn more about our upcoming event.

Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival Summer 2019




Wanted! The Best Films And Screenplays In The Horror Film Genre

Do you have a horror film, horror comedy film or experimental horror that you are submitting to festivals? Have you written a horror screenplay with scary situations, evil villains, creepy concepts and great characters? Our judges can't wait to watch your videos and read your stories. Please read our Horror Film Festival Judging Guide if you'd like to understand our how we rate and select horror films. You can submit to the Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival via FilmFreeway.

Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival On FilmFreeway



Testimonial: Director Blake Vaz (Right) Los Angeles, California

"Thank you so much for having us! Loved your passion for pushing up-and-coming filmmakers in your festivals. I know it’s a lot of work and dedication and It’s greatly appreciated to have spaces like this to showcase our work.There were a few that really caught my eye for different reasons. Some had great visuals, others great story, others were just fun! I really liked the diversity of shorts you have and I am glad I came to Portland for Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival."




Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival Past Events

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