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"The Oregon Short Film Festival Summer 2020 debut at a Drive In Theater was a huge success! 3 out of 4 days of the event were completely sold out. Filmmakers made road trips in from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Utah, Austin, Washington and Idaho. Several filmmakers and screenwriters flew in from New York and Washington D.C. Who knew that we would be screening at the Sunshine Mill Winery and Drive Up Theater in The Dalles? There are few live screenings of film festivals happening in the United States right now. We made adjustments and it really turned out to be a fun time." - Mikel Fair Festival Director

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What Is The Oregon Short Film Festival?

Please note: Until COVID restrictions are lifted, our Oregon based film festivals will screen at the Sunshine Mill Winery and Drive-Up Theater The Dalles. Please read about this change for the upcoming Oregon Short Film Festival Summer 2020 event in August. ( LINK ) Portland, Oregon is known for being a laid back, fun town, with lots to do. Whether it’s the nature experience, the arts or the wonderful food options, if you haven’t visited at least once, perhaps it’s time you came out here! The Oregon Short Film Festival is now a bi-annual event on the Film Festival Circuit for filmmakers and screenwriters of all genres to showcase their creative works in Portland. This event was founded by author and retired filmmaker Mikel Fair who worked on location in the Film and Television industry from 1999-2015. We have chosen the 5th Avenue Cinema on the campus of Portland State University to screen several programs of international independent short films in a "back to back" format in HD 1080p. All types of films and screenplays are accepted, from Drama to Dark Comedy, Documentary to Science Fiction, Romantic Comedy to Horror Films and much more.  The judges are looking for films that have engaging content, good acting, creativity, strong production value and great stories to entertain the Portland audience in a fun, fast paced program at a great venue. We now host two different networking parties where you can meet directors, screenwriter, cast, crew and film industry professionals and discuss your future projects. Come enjoy a great slate of films and network with us in Portland.

Oregon Short Film Festival Summer 2020 Event

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"I would like to thank you for making this Festival, and give the opportunity to filmmakers as myself to show our work on the big screen. Wednesday was very fun. My Azteca dance crew and myself really enjoy the night. I am very happy and satisfy with the screening." - Karla Contreras (Oregon) Director of "Azteca Dance."

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“I was very impressed with the Oregon short film festival. Mikel runs a smooth program and is a fun person to interact with. You can tell he’s passionate and very thorough throughout the entire process. The Dalles venue was very cool and my family loved watching the films from our car. I will definitely be recommending this festival to all of my filmmaking friends.” - Kristen Jensen (Utah) Director of "Lumeria"


"Mikel, thank you for putting on a great festival. The idea of using the Sunshine Winery was brilliant. I really appreciated al the hard work that went into putting in the festival which brought great films from around the world to Oregon. So, pleased to have been involved." - Director Charlie LaTourette


Oregon Short Film Festival In Portland

Oregon Short Film Festival Review

"Thanks to the Oregon Short Film Festival team for putting together an amazing event. The films in our session were very good, diverse and so creative! After a great screening of Phantom Rebel Road, we will definitely submit our next film to the OSFF and other Film Festival Circuit events. Thank you!" - Director Charles Wall

Oregon Short Film Festival Event Tickets

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Oregon Short Film Festival On FilmFreeway

Oregon Short Film Festival Submissions Are Now Open!

Are you a filmmaker that is interested in a theatrical release for your short film in Portland, Oregon? We've made a commitment to screen the best international independent short films on the Film Festival Circuit. All genres and filmmaking styles are eligible to screen at this diverse showcase of independent film and videos. Screenwriters also have an opportunity to have their creative writings read, rated and possibly nominated for awards as well.  Would you like to review our submission rates and upcoming deadlines? If so, please go to the Oregon Short Film Festival listing on FilmFreeway. Our judges can't wait to watch your videos and read your stories. Please read our Film Festival Judging Guide if you'd like to understand our how we rate and select films. We make the process as fair and objective as possible. No politics here, we're just looking for the  best content to entertain our audience. Have more questions about the rules and regulations for Oregon Short Film Festival submissions? Please visit the Film Festival Circuit FAQ Frequently Asked Questions LINK

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Oregon Short Film Festival Rated In The Top 100 On FilmFreeway By Filmmakers

We are fortunate to be rated in the Top 100 film festivals by filmmakers worldwide on FilmFreeway in October 2019! We have fun, we network and we appreciate creative films in Portland. It's all about the filmmakers, screenwriters and the screening experience. The Oregon Short Film Festival strongly believes in giving every filmmaker possible, an opportunity to share their creative work in a comedy friendly film environment. Thank you for your support.

"Dear Oregon Short Film Festival, Congratulations! Your festival has ranked as one of the Top 100 Best Reviewed Festivals on FilmFreeway for the month of October 2019! According to reviews from real FilmFreeway users, your festival ranks in the top 1.5% of more than 8,000 film festivals and creative contests around the world. No doubt, this ranking is a testament to the countless hours of hard work and care that you and your staff have devoted to creating such a wonderful event. We’re especially proud to be partnered with amazing events like yours that help independent film continue to thrive." - FilmFreeway

Oregon Short Film Festival

Oregon Short Film Festival List Of Submission Categories

  1. Action Film
  2. Animated Film
  3. Comedy Film
  4. Dark Comedy Film
  5. Dark Drama Film
  6. Documentary Film
  7. Drama Film
  8. Experimental Film
  9. Experimental Music Video
  10. Fantasy Film
  11. Horror Film
  12. Horror Comedy Film
  13. Mockumentary Film
  14. Music Video
  15. Science Fiction Film
  16. Short Film
  17. Web Series Episode (Video)
  18. Screenplay: Short
  19. Screenplay: Comedy
  20. Screenplay: Dark Comedy
  21. Screenplay: Drama
  22. Screenplay : Dark Drama
  23. Screenplay: Horror
  24. Screenplay: Horror Comedy
  25. Screenplay: Romantic Comedy
  26. Screenplay: Science Fiction

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Oregon Short Film Festival List Of Film And Video Award Categories

  1. Best Action Film
  2. Best Actor
  3. Best Actress
  4. Best Animated Film
  5. Best Cinematography
  6. Best Comedy Film
  7. Best Comedy Micro Film
  8. Best Dark Comedy Film
  9. Best Dark Comedy Micro Film
  10. Best Drama Film
  11. Best Drama Micro Film
  12. Best Dark Drama Film
  13. Best Dark Drama Micro Film
  14. Best Director
  15. Best Documentary Film
  16. Best Documentary Micro Film
  17. Best Editing
  18. Best Ensemble Cast
  19. Best Experimental Film
  20. Best Experimental Micro Film
  21. Best Experimental Music Video
  22. Best Fantasy Film
  23. Best Fantasy Micro Film
  24. Best Horror Film
  25. Best Horror Micro Film
  26. Best Horror Comedy Film
  27. Best Horror Comedy Micro Film
  28. Best International Director
  29. Best International Film
  30. Best International Micro Film
  31. Best Mockumentary Film
  32. Best Mockumentary Micro Film
  33. Best Music Video
  34. Best Picture
  35. Best Micro Film
  36. Best Science Fiction Film
  37. Best Science Fiction Micro Film
  38. Best Web Series Episode
  39. Best Oregon Film
  40. Best Oregon Micro Film
  41. Best Oregon Director
  42. Most Original Concept

Documentary Film Category Judging Guide Download .pdf or Read It Online - Click Here -

Oregon Short Film Festival List Of Screenplay Award Categories

  1. Best Comedy Screenplay
  2. Best Dark Comedy Screenplay
  3. Best Drama Screenplay
  4. Best Dark Drama Screenplay
  5. Best Fantasy Screenplay
  6. Best Horror Screenplay
  7. Best Horror Comedy Screenplay
  8. Best International Screenplay
  9. Best Romantic Comedy Screenplay
  10. Best Science Fiction Screenplay
  11. Best Screenplay
  12. Best Oregon Screenplay

Oregon Short Film Festival 2018 Event

Oregon Short Film Festival 2019 Event

Films That Have Screened At The Oregon Short Film Festival

Some of the filmmakers from our previous events, have since made their films public on YouTube and Vimeo. Check them out!


Aether - Science Fiction Short Film

Ants - Comedy Film

Close Encounter Of The Literal Kind, Literally

To Wendy Who Kicked Me When I Said I Love You

Think Twice

Out Now! Film Festival Submitter's Handbook

Film Festival Submitter's Handbook ebook

My name is Mikel Fair and I have written this 30 page ebook to help filmmakers strengthen their submission when submitting to Film Festivals. This guide is based on my experience, starting in 2008 as a Film Festival Director that has watched, rated and reviewed more than 5000+ submissions of all genres from over 100 countries. There are several mistakes that filmmakers are making on a daily basis that I can help you avoid. I explain in detail, about how the packaging and editing of your submission can have a direct effect on how many festivals that your film is accepted to. Priced under $10 US, I have made this book affordable for everyone and will email you any new versions that we release until January 2021. Please read the first chapter for free!

  • Chapter 1: Does Packaging Really Matter? - Free Chapter!
  • Chapter 2: Are Your Contact Details Accurate? A Daily Common Mistake
  • Chapter 3: Does The Name Of Your Film Stand Out? Or Will It Be Lost In The Shuffle?
  • Chapter 4: Tips For Creating The Right Tagline And Synopsis
  • Chapter 5: Do You Know That A Director’s Bio And Resume Are Two Different Things?
  • Chapter 6: How To Write A Compelling Director’s Statement That Tells A Story.
  • Chapter 7: The First Impression Of Your Film Is It’s Official Poster.
  • Chapter 8: Without A Trailer, Your Film Might Become An Afterthought.
  • Chapter 9: Why Do Film Festivals Love Submissions With A Social Media Presence?
  • Chapter 10: Your Film’s Website, Is Its History And Point Of Contact
  • Chapter 11: Final Cut Or Festival Cut? Don’t Submit The Wrong One.
  • Chapter 12: Stretch Your Submissions Budget. Use Promo Codes. Get Discounts.

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